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Calling All Bar Managers! Join the Mighty Lewes FC!

15th Sept 2022... by Roger Warner, co-founder

As you may already know, we're working closely with the mighty Lewes FC as the club's hospitality partner. Every match is a mini festival world-famous Dripping Pan, with the best of our beers, AFs and kombuchas, plus other tip-top producers from in and around town.

We're currently looking for a part time bar manager to lead the bar team there. We'd love to hear from you if you're up for it... apply now!

Here's what it's all about... please do share it around!

"Working with Only With Love and Lewes FC to deliver exceptional care and service for fans by managing Lewes FC’s matchday hospitality, food outlets and bars, hiring and managing bar staff and running matchday service.

And... Managing the bar and clubhouse outside of matchdays - helping to organise cool new events, programmes and initiatives that open the door to the club's local community; plus ensuring a distinctive and high quality food and beverage offering for LFC fans and community by working closely with Only With Love and other local suppliers to champion the knowledge of our supplier’s products - giving customers an all round great service."

And if you haven't met Lewes FC yet, then here's a little primer for you (in short, they're the best football club on the planet)...

Lewes FC is a unique, 100% community-owned club with a big personality. It remains the only club in the world to split its playing budget and resources equally between its men’s and women’s teams. LFC has over 2k fan-owners living in 37 countries around the world. The club's owners are a diverse bunch who like quality football as well as the drive for equality, transparency and integrity in the beautiful game.


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