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Lewes FC is Teaming Up Only With Love... FOR THE WIN!

3rd Aug 2022... by Roger Warner, co-founder

As longtime Rooks fans (and ex-board members), Steve and I are really excited to announce that Only With Love will be teaming up with Lewes FC as hospitality partner to the club.

As you may already know, Lewes FC is the first club in the world to pay its men’s and women's team the same. Equality is the name of the game at The Dripping Pan - something that we hold dear to our hearts here. Over the past few years, the club has become a catalyst for change in sport and the wider community - both locally and internationally. Football is such a brilliant vehicle for good, and we’re really pleased to have the opportunity to push this movement further forwards.

The new partnership will see Only With Love provide the club with a wealth of experience and direction in setting a new standard for drinks, food, entertainment and events - both on match days and midweek. As well as kitting out The Rook Inn with a solid attacking lineup of all our best drinks - with a strong emphasis on healthy AF (alcohol-free) options, the best of our craft beers, classic Harvey’s Best, and other star guest signings from the local brewery scene - we’ll also be helping to improve matchday food offerings, and introducing a new bar at the Ham Lane end of the ground, to ensure thirsty fans get more access to the good stuff, at great prices (meaning more bar options, faster service, better drinks, and better value for home and away fans).

In addition to this, we’ll also be working together on a new program of activity and events to give more people more access to the facilities that we can provide, such as: supporters gatherings, club owners nights, live matches on the big screen TV, quiz nights, and other community meetups. Rumour also has it that there will be more Karaoke sessions.   

Our common goal is to make the Dripping Pan a broader and better destination for fans and the local community. Lewes FC is a fan-owned club (another movement that it pioneered more than a decade ago). We want to do more to make the place a home for all kinds of different groups, with football as a common, uniting thread.

Key to all of this is a new role at the club. We’re also helping to recruit a new Head of Hospitality / Head of Bar. This new person will work closely with the senior teams at Only With Love and Lewes FC to help us to deliver on all of the above. If you have great experience in the hospitality sector and you like a good challenge then you can apply for that one here. All applications will go direct to us at Only With Love HQ, and we will be reviewing them quickly to get a winning team in place for the season kicks off properly.


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