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Tasting Notes

AF Beers 


Juicy AF Classic Mango Pale - <0.5% 

Juicy AF Classic is our multi-international award winning big hops and mango booze-free pale ale. We've done some magic with our malts, temperatures and resulting sugars to create a special fermentation, leaving a proper, crushable beer that's full of body and taste (unlike your usual AF-lite stuff). The result is a hazy, juiced-up fruity banger which ought to satisfy the most discerning craft beer heads.



Juicy AF Passionfruit Aussie Pale - <0.5% 

More juice, more body, more oomph and pound-for-pound brilliance than your average AF-lite. We've smashed together oodles of Galaxy and Topaz hops from down under, plus a whole lot of fresh passionfruit to create the ultimate alcohol free slider. It's a big old mouthful of tropical goodness.



Juicy AF Guava American Pale - <0.5% 

A magical mix of Citra and Ekuanot hops and lots of fresh guava give you the AF APA you've been dreaming of: smooth, fresh and chock full of crisp citrus fruit with just a hint of sticky sweetness.


Cask Specials 

Wishbone South Pacific Pale - 4.3%

Our down under session cask range returns with a super soft and mellow sipper for Springtime. Wishbone is another classic Aussie x Kiwi hop mashup, this time with Ella and Motueka for a serene, tropical cruise of peach, passion fruit and a little twist of lime


Boomtown West Coast Pale - 4.4%

We've gone straight to the source to dig up some real, old school treasure. Boomtown brings together three of our favourite west coast classics: Comet, Columbus and Centennial combine for a pure and beautiful blast of golden grapefruit, orange peel and citrus, with a lovely, subtle resinous finish



Breezy Pale Ale - 3.4%

Strictly for the chills, Breezy is our ultimate, low ABV cask session pale. We've taken a magic mix of gorgeous new wave US and NZ hops to create a super fruit slider: Moutere, Comet and Ekuanot combine effortlessly for lovely aromas of citrus and grapefruit and a sweet, mellow melon finish. Aaaand, relax. 



Lazy Jack South Pacific Pale - 4.2%

Lazy Jack is built for chilling. We've smashed together two superstar hops from down under for another fruit-forward pale. Australia's Vic Secret and New Zealand's Moutere combine for a tropical dreamboat of passionfruit and pineapple... perfect for a long, relaxing sail-away session.



Waldo APA - 4.7%

Waldo is the third in our new APA special release series, this time with bags of Mosaic, Amarillo and Chinook hops. Blended perfectly for a big bang of tropical fruit and citrus, a bit of extra spice and all the signature resinous pine notes you get from our award-winning APAs. 



High Fives APA - 4.2% 

SIBA Regional Session Pale cask SILVER medal winner. Our classic American pale ale - YEE HAW! Super-duper smooth, fruit-filled, session-first... A lighter pale, super clear taste, with the big five star US hops... Citra, Columbus, Cascade, Chinook and Centennial. A hoppy finish with great body - rounded and super fresh. Glugs fast.



Champion Big Session IPA - 4.9% 

Champion is our fresh, gold-standard 'big session' IPA. Punching in at 4.9% and built for more fruit, more zest, more poise and the greatest pound-for-pound glug-ability in the middleweight ABV bracket. Heavily dry hopped with Simcoe, Amarillo and Cascade, Champion is a pure pale thoroughbred with super-balanced bitterness and bags of citrus and pine character. Go glug a winner. Hops: Magnum, Centennial, Simcoe, Amarillo and Cascade.



Let's Go! IPA - 5.2% 

There's no time like now time - LET'S GO! Our flagship West Coast IPA... Sun's out, guns out. A modern take on the classic, classic west coast IPA's of not too long ago. A proper beer with all the right hop notes of Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook, Centennial and Citra... brought together with a darker, more biscuity finish that lingers. 



Halland Stout - 4.5% 

Halland is a place near Uckfield, in our hearts... where Magnum and Columbus met one winter's night to create the world's hugest smash stout. Big, bold, oh-so creamy, toasty and dark, it's the perfect chill down tipple.


Keg Specials 

All Star IPA - 5.9%

Oh yeah, this is the one you've been waiting for: our 5.9%, super-juiced, gob smacking IPA. Citra, Nelson and Galaxy are the all stars. They'll blow you away with a hazy, fat fruit smash of supernova citrus, gooseberry, peach and passionfuit.


Bounce Hazy Pale - 4.8%

We've smashed together oodles of Citra, Cashmere & El Dorado hops to create a super hazy lush slider, with lovely smooth and moreish notes of melon, lemon and tropical fruits. Yeah, it bounces.



Dance Hazy Pale Ale - 3.8%

Get up! Get Down! Get Going! Our best-selling, super dry hopped and hazy session pale returns with even more juicy Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops and a brand new recipe for max fruitiness and a buffed up, fluffier body. It's our go-to glug for big citrus smiles every day of the week, guaranteed to put a proper spring in your step.  



Kitchen Disco Clementine & Hibiscus Sour (Arundel Collab) - 2.5%

Kitchen Disco is the fruit of our recent collab with the fantastic team at Arundel Brewery. It's a total floor filler. Pretty and pink, this low ABV sour stands out in the crowd: a whole tree full of clementines and a heap of hibiscus deliver a sweet vibrant groove for toe-tapping sessions.



Floki Kveik IPA - 6.5%

Floki is big. Floki is a sailor, trickster and architect of the perfect stonefruit-twang IPA. He plays with magical yeast from the Nord to create a hazy bomb that rips forth all the tropical zing, citrus and orange peel. ALL HAIL THE FLOKI! Hops: Amarillo, Vista, Centennial. 



Tigermoth Coffee, Rum & Vanilla Stout - 5%

Made lovingly with a special, ethically sourced small batch blend of Brazilian and Timor-Leste coffee from our friends at Tigermoth roasters in Lewes. Full bodied with a touch of vanilla sweetness and a little kick of rum, Tigermoth is a subtle, beautifully balanced and warming stout designed to soothe the soul. 



Flipside Nectaron x Harlequin - 5.8%

The third in our wanderlust series of IPAs. We've paired a new wave superstar New Zealand hop with one of the UK's finest to create another plush, hazy 5.8% slider. Nectaron and Harlequin glide together to give you the ultimate tropical hit of passionfruit, peach and pineapple. Pack ya bags cuz, we're heading to the beach.



Maraca New England Pale Ale - 4.5%

Catch the perfect rhythm of our super session lush and fluffy quencher. Maraca is bursting with pear and candy notes followed by a big old mouthful of ripe, sticky mango and pineapple. Shake it, baby. Hops: Mosaic, Idaho 7, El Dorado. 



Funkel Weissbier - 5%

Funkel is a traditional, true-to-style German weissbier, loaded to the max with big notes of banana, citrus and cloves, delivering a pale and creamy wheat beer that packs a full 5% punch.


Core Cask 


Firecracker ESB - 5.2% 

SIBA NATIONAL British Best cask GOLD medal winner and BRONZE medal winner for all cask beer. (ie, the best Best in the UK, and the 3rd best cask beer in the UK!) Firecracker is a deep, warming barrel of malty caramel, biscuits and raisins, with a subtle bang of tropical fruit on the nose. This extra special pint of British Best is perfect for the fireside and guaranteed to give you a proper glow. Hops: Olicana and Fuggles.



The O.G. Best Bitter - 4.2% 

The O.G. Best Bitter is a banging modern best, Only With Love style: weighing in at 4.2% ABV... big, mellow and rounded with plenty of fruit and malt, a mouthful of biscuits and a hint of spice. 



Yacht Rock Extra Pale Ale [GF] - 3.8% 

Join us on our gluten free, 3.8%, cask-only voyage of Citra-fuelled chill. No dry land - or dry hops - ahoy ...just miles and miles of pale, bright, open waves. Duran, Duran is on loop; the session is locked in; let's kick back on deck till sundown. Hops are Citra, Cascade and Magnum. Brewed with traditional London Ale yeast for extra malty smoothness.



Starlight Sussex Stout - 4.9%

Big, bold and toasty, Starlight is our warming tribute to the classic stouts of yesteryear. A lovely malt bill gives sweet notes of chocolate and molasses and a hint of coffee, while Challenger hops bring balance and a mellow bitterness. It's a dreamy hug of a beer.


Core Keg


Bongo Tropic IPA - 4.5%

Every day is beach day. Our tropical, big-hopped sunshine quencher, stacked high with pineapple, passion fruit, orange and mango. Just pop a little umbrella on top and enjoy the punch. Hops: El Dorado, Cascade, Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe, Sabro.



Wingding Extra Pale Ale [GF] - 4.2%

Wingding is our (gluten free) transatlantic tribute to the tremendous Amelia Earhart - the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean. Like Amelia, it's a pioneering piece of crossover magic that spans the big pond. We've smashed together the best of US and British hops to create a banging candied gooseberry and spice extra pale that flies oh so right.  Hops: Magnum, Goldings, Chinook, Citra.  



Banger Helles Lager [GF] - 4% 

Our (gluten free) go-to lager for max gluggability and refreshment. A little bit of maltiness, a tang of classic German hoppy bitterness, a lovely rounded body and subtle fruits and spice all combine to make sure it hits the spot year-round. Yeah, it’s a total banger. Hops: Magnum, Hallertau, Mandarina Bavaria. 



Halland Stout - 4.5% 

Halland is a place near Uckfield, in our hearts... where Magnum and Columbus met one winter's night to create the world's hugest smash stout. Big, bold, oh-so creamy, toasty and dark, it's the perfect chill down tipple.




Kickstart Kombucha

For your everyday ukulele and ohm sessions, Our 100% organic, totally pure Kombucha: the perfect pick-me-up for the day and tasks ahead. Kickstart is an unflavoured booch - soft tea, a rounded mouthfeel and slight fizz... a great tonic. Makes an awesome elevenses or early evening drink. Something to give a little lift.



Lemon Lifebuoy Kombucha

Bye-bye fuzzy heads. Our 100% organic special pick-me-up: squeezing you out of tight spots with a dash of lemon since 2020. Lemon Lifebuoy is a zesty, refreshing pick-me-up - with a lot of body and a bit of fizz. Makes an awesome elevenses or early evening drink. Something to give a little lift.



Rhubarb & Custard Kombucha

Our 100% organic sweet summer pie kombucha. Big and tart rhubarb plus creamy, dreamy vanilla - this one tastes like a summer pie of childhood yums. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and - bonus - chock full of pro-biotic goodness. Best enjoyed in a deckchair, with a handkerchief on your head.