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Trade Sales

Click below to access our direct trade sales portal, for all your ordering needs - a real time view of our current stock availability, discounts and deals, and quick and easy access to previous orders.

On the system you'll see:

  • Live stock availability
  • Discount tiers
  • Special deals
  • Shipping info & costs
  • Clearly assigned pricing & terms
  • Ability to pay direct online
  • Easily accessible ordering history & invoices
  • Instant messaging to chat and track orders & deliveries

We deliver FAST and FREE to all local venues (Monday through Friday).

You can also order all of our products over at EEBRIA (account required). They'll also deliver to your door pronto.

If you're not a trade customer, click on the main nav to get to where you need to be...

Got questions? Our phone number is 01825 608 410, or email us at