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The Lewes FC Craft Brew Drive Thru

By Roger Warner, Co-Founder, 2nd December 2020... 

If you've read the blurbs on our home page, you'll have seen that from day one Only With Love is doing its best to work with the friends, family, business partners and organisations that make the local community down here in East Sussex such a magical place.

We aim to help people put together better communal spaces and events - via the skills that we can contribute to venue creation, management, promotion, and generally running the ship in a fun and lively way.

Steve and I have worked as voluntary board members at Lewes Community FC for a while now - they're the first football team in the world to pay the men's and women's team the same. It's a super place to enjoy a pint and a pie (in non-pandemic times) and watch El Classico derbies vs Worthing or mega games vs Chelsea and the mighty Millie Bright. We even turn out for their veteran's team every once in a while.

In November the club had to close its doors to fans again, as lockdown 2 kicked in. This was a blow: the club relies heavily on revenue from match day crowds and the proceeds of the Rook Inn. The other snag was a fully stocked bar with drinks that would spoil.

We worked with the club to create this... Lewes' first and only craft brew drive-thru. It's a click-and-collect affair, open for pickups twice a week - and we're happy to say that, since its launch four weeks ago, it's doing really well.

It serves a variety of brilliant beers from our most talented local brewers... folks like Franklins, Gun, Abyss, TrenchmoreSilver Rocket, our good selves, and - of course - Harveys. Check it out. Every pound you spend will help the club to thrive once the season kicks in again....


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