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Only With Love - the Early Bits

By Roger Warner, Co-Founder, 2nd December 2020... 

About this time last year, Steve and I decided to start a new brewery, near home in Lewes - a different kind of joint to a normal craft beer outfit... one that makes healthy stuff like kombuchas, plus super fresh beers that are all about fun and good times (and less about mad ABV%'s and hip-hop-ness). We also wanted to create a business that's as much about the events we create and the community we support as the products.

It took us a while to get things together. It's been a funny old year, hasn't it? After a few months of travelling around with Powerpoints and spreadsheets in our bags, we secured our first round of investment the day that Boris shut the pubs down (which if I remember rightly was back in March). Anyways, between then and now we've rumbled along, acquiring a lot more support from great people (investors, you are awesome* and we thank you!), and we've managed to turn an old, big ass cow shed (just north of Ringmer) into a beautiful big ass drinks-making factory... 

So, I wanted to share a few snaps...    

This was us in March:

Fast forward to the summer and - thanks to a lot of help from our friends, our partners and a fair bit of grunt work (did anyone know that the best way to paint a floor is with a squeegy, wearing a pair of lawn-aerator spikes?!?) - here's how we were shaping up... We created a tutti-frutti feel for the place:

Then a few months back, a beautiful array of shiny new kit arrived, just waiting to be filled with the good stuff. Here's our Steve soon after they were plumbed, in brewer's heaven:

And here they are again. They're stunning (much like Steve):

After a dash of September welding and a lot of electrical witchcraft in October, we started to do this kind of thing (I'm on the right - this whole process has aged me):

Which means we're now ready to launch, and get some of this (plus some lovely kombucha) into the world:

And soon enough, once we're able to, we'd love to invite you all along for a visit so that we can do some of this:

We're really excited to be launching. Drinks and merch will start to ship next week. In the meantime, we're open for pre-orders. Have a click around and get some in. My favourite is our Let's Go!. Because that's what Steve and I said to one another before we set sail.

*Investor note.Thankfully, they also said the same. We have quite a few of them; many are close friends - on and off the football pitch - and most are based in and around our local network. We've been blessed in this respect. Both Steve and I have founded, ran and sold businesses in the past and we know that it's the people that really count. Hola guys and thanks for seeing past the pandemic. No time like now time : )


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