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Our New Lewes Brewcafe Crowdfunder... Let's Make this Happen!

23rd Aug 2023... 

We had a terrific night on Saturday down at the Malling Community Centre in Lewes, sharing the plans for our new Brewcafe. Sunshine, beers, AFs, booch and sodas aplenty and loads of great grub from our friends at Cashew. The feedback was fantastic - it feels like everyone's up for a new venue in the park.

If you missed last week's news on our socials, we're looking to launch a new Brewcafe (AKA the Malling Community Centre in Lewes), with teas, coffees, biscuits, great healthy food and great beer - plus plenty of cracking AF options.

We're super keen to get it going, and we can make it happen FAST. (Like, September fast.)

All we need is a little bit of your help...

We want to bring a bit of Only With Love magic to the venue. As it is, Malling Community Centre is a superb, (extremely) eco-friendly space that's benefited from a stack of refurb and upgrade investment from Lewes council. But it needs more warmth and character to become more of a home for the community.

We've launched a Crowdfunder to help get things underway. Hit the big yellow button for more information about the plans, timing, pledges and donations. (NB: loads of awards for supporters, including a stack of free drinks and food!)

By backing us, we'll be better able to furnish the main cafe area and bring in essentials such as kitchen and bar equipment, furniture, lighting and decorations, signage, and more creature comforts.

We'd really appreciate your support. (And, if you're interested, share the Crowdfunder page around.. get others involved too.)

The New Brewcafe in a nut...

As well as offering a great destination at Malling for people to hang out, we want to work with as many community groups as possible - both large and small... Dog walkers, nursery groups, footballers, knitters, book buffs, film buffs, yogis, runners, stoolballers, toadsters, crafters, detectorists, more. Together we can create a cool new home in Lewes for meetups, events, celebrations.

We’ll open in the morning and provide great coffee and pastries from the best local producers in the area. Daytime food will offer a brilliant range of healthy options - including the best vegetarian and vegan food from our good friends at Cashew Catering. Healthy grub for everyone and plenty of choice for the kids - all served from the cafe.

During the evening at weekends we'll turn the venue into a wellbeing taproom - featuring all the best of our beery beers and AF (alcohol free) range, sodas and kombuchas; and with collaborations with local wineries and distilleries and other brewing partners, we’ll create a healthy showcase for the best Sussex producers.

Sound good? We're stoked. Get behind it here.


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