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The Sunday Slice @ Wilderness Wood, Sunday 4th July

Very excited to say that we're teaming up with the guys at Cashew on Sunday July 4th to bring you huge slices of veggie wood-fired pizza to pair with our beers and booch... in amongst the stunning scene of trees and sunshine at Wilderness Wood in Hadlow Down, East Sussex.

Wilderness Wood is a magical place. We'll be under cover of the Cook House (check it out!) - with the clay oven to our side - pouring fresh, chilled beers from the keg, and popping cans of booch. Pretty much a perfect combo for the family... with access to tree-lined walks, a kids' woodland play area, and plenty of space to just stretch out and chill.

Kick off is 11am, through to 3pm. Entry is £10 per family group, or £3 per head. No advance tickets, just get there in good time.

Directions are here. It's a short ride from the centre of Lewes.

Get on down. Vibes will be gooooood.


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