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Set Up Your GoCardless Direct Debit

Here's an easier way to organise your payments. Remove the hassle of juggling lots of invoices and payment reminders each month by setting up a Direct Debit with Only With Love.

It's simple: whenever an invoice is due for payment, our GoCardless Direct Debit system will simply debit the amount from your bank account automatically.

And you'll always be in the picture: before a payment is due you'll receive an email notification detailing the amount to be paid, and once the payment has been made you'll get another email confirming the payment and the amount.

Everything is managed and automated via our accounts system. Unlike a recurring Direct Debit, you'll only ever pay when an invoice is due.

How it works:

  • We'll email you a Direct Debit mandate from GoCardless
  • (NB: Only With Love is our trading name, our company name is Blackbird Brewing Ltd, and you'll see this on this sign up page)
  • Enter your bank account details
  • Once your account is set up, our accounting system will sync with your invoicing schedule
  • When an invoice is due for payment, you'll get an email notification
  • Payments will only be taken when an invoice is due
  • Once payment has been taken, you'll receive a confirmation email
  • ...and then - hey presto! - your invoice will be marked as paid on our accounting system

...meaning no more paperwork hassle each month. We'll continue to send you our standard invoices as usual on the day you place an order, but the payment side will be fully automated for you. No need for payment reminders, no need to juggle things around.

Make your admin a little easier... If you'd like to get on board with Direct Debits just send us an email and we can set it up pronto for you.